Continuous Pressure Dense Phase Conveying System:

Continuous-flow high-pressure conveying system operating according to the principle of using a high pressure rotary valve is the latest innovation in the world's current gas-powered conveying system. .

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Product Details

These systems are similar to conventional high pressure blowing systems but use high compressive pressures to push the powder and material at much lower velocities.

The control system will regularly use gas flow and pressure regulator clocks to optimize the parameters of the system.

Because this system operates on a continuous basis, it is continually loaded at the start and destination points without interruption, which is consistent with the need for a continuous weighing and dosing system.


These systems transfer data at medium to medium distances or farther from one or more points to multiple destinations. With lower-speed transmissions, it is possible for the system to load material that is easy to separate or fragile.

Powdered milk, flour, coffee, 3 in 1 coffee, cereals, bran, rice, plastic powder, ....


Basic indicators of the system:

Load capacity: Low to high, about 1-50 t / h.

Blowing speed: Low 2-10 m / s.

Maximum distance: Up to 200m

Blower: Air compressor.

Blow pressure: <4 bar g


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