Lower Pressure Conveying System (Pressure Lean Phase Conveying System)

The low-pressure blast conveyor system operates according to the principle of using a positive pressure blower (+) which can be up to 1 bar G for conveying data in a pipe from a hopper or silo containing up to one target. To another where the gas and product are separated by filtration or other systems.

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Product Details

The material will be loaded into the high-pressure blow pipe through a special load-bearing device that can be a rotary valve or load screw. During loading, the material will float in the moving air at relatively high speeds depending on the size and density of the material.


Typically, the system will operate in continuous mode, whether it will be continually loaded at the destination to the destination without interruption, which allows the system to be applied to continuous counting and quantifying systems. .



Low pressure blowing systems can be applied to low-power load materials at medium distances from one or more to many different destinations. These systems are very flexible and available for a variety of materials and especially with low operating power, so the cost of pipe and pipe fittings is very low. It is the most commonly used data acquisition system today.


Basic indicators of the system:

Load capacity: From low to high, can reach from <1-50 tons / hour.

Blast speed: About 15-30m / sec.

Maximum distance: 200m

Blower: Roots blower or gas blower.

Blow pressure: <1 bar g


Please note: All of the above information is for reference only, please contact the technical department of Minh Chau for further information.