About us

Vietnam has been on the road of modernization, industrialization of manufacturing industries. Integration with the development trend.

Minh Chau Technology Co., Ltd has been supplying the products are the equipment and machinery for the industry such as food industry, wood processing, plastic resin, and some other industries.
With more than 10 years of experience in the food industry, especially silo-based flour systems, transporting and weighing powder and grain materials (milk powder, wheat flour, coffee, plastic granules, and some flour other).
Minh Chau Technology Co., Ltd cooperates with some leading technology partners in industrial equipment such as:

- Firefly AB (Sweden) provides and distributes explosion detection and fire alarm systems in the production line.
- Monitor (USA) provides level sensors for the powder and solid industries.
PT Load cell (New Zealand) provides load cells and electronic weighing screens.
     In addition to linking the distribution of the above products, Minh Chau owns experienced engineers in production systems, especially in the food industry specializing in design, package installation, technology transfer system. Powder loading system, weighting system, coffee mixing line, wheat flour with outstanding features as follows: