Design and installation of electrical panel

Industrial electrical cabinets play an important role in the operation of electrical systems or plant systems. The design and installation of cabinets of quality and safety standards contribute to the safety and stability of electrical systems and machinery.

Depending on the area and task, it is possible to distribute industrial electrical cabinets into the following main categories:

 Control Cabinets: These cabinets will be equipped with programmable logic controllers programmed by the PLC to program the operation of the machine, which is also used to control the operation of the dynamics. Work independently or in the field of lighting and work in accordance with technological processes, cabinets can be operated manually or automatically.
Scope of installation: At the machine in the factory

 Distribution Cabinet: The total distribution cabinets are used in low voltage networks and are the most important factor in the distribution network. Including MSB cabinets, synchronous cabinets, cabinets capacity of cos phi, ATS cabinets.
+ ATS switchboard or connected at two different power sources (can be backup power sources such as generators or UPS ups). When the national grid is damaged ATS cabinets will automatically close the send. Signal for transmitter and load when the grid returns, ATS will cut the transmitter and close the national grid).
+ Synchronous switch cabinet that cut the link load on all grid.
+ Power compensation unit cosφ has the power factor enhancement coefficient above 0.85 to avoid the power penalty fine monthly electricity bill, to do this one has to install additional compensation capacitors inside the cabinet electricity .
Scope of installation: In the general electrical engineering room of industrial and civil works such as factories, industrial workshops ....

Power switch for switching high capacity loads inside the microprocessor circuit, the contactor and the PLC. Especially it is installed in conjunction with the control panel.

Some notes when installing industrial electrical cabinets are as follows:
When connecting or assembling electrical cabinets we need to pay attention to the following points: input voltage, output, equipment in the cabinet, grounding for leakage protection cabinet .........




Talk about electric cabinets, here we need to distinguish what kind of cabinet? That means having a little grasp on the system.

* The power system divides into three general blocks
Power supply block
Control Unit (Relay Protection ...)
Blocks (cutter, isolator ...)
So then you need to see the cabinet you find out which block belongs to what?
If you are the source, then you pay attention to devices such as:
Protective equipment: Aptomat, fuse ...
Measurement equipment: meters, voltage meters, Ampere ...
Converting Equipment: CT, Sunrelease ...
Surveillance Control Equipment: Relay, ...
Also interested in other auxiliary equipment such as relay relay ...
 If the cabinet control and protection you must pay attention to the following:
Protective Device (Main): Relay, contactor, PLC .....
Measuring device
Connection devices (using remote control such as computer from computer ...): Swith network, switching system connection ...
In general, to talk about the structure of the cabinet you need to see what the purpose of the cabinet is?
Its purpose is to make use of your existing knowledge to study it.
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