Design and installation of industrial electrical systems

The Electricity Industry always plays an important role in the transmission of power for production and living. Basic tasks in industrial electricity include the installation and connection of industrial signaling systems, the operation of LPC programming equipment, the operation of microcontroller programming devices, operation and maintenance of equipment Industrial electricity, ... This article will introduce readers about industrial electrical system and the installation and installation of industrial electrical equipment systems.

1. What is an industrial electricity system?

The current industrial electricity system consists of the following main components:

- Industrial switchboards
- Measurement system, automatic control of boiler parameters in thermal power plants
- Hydrogen production automation system in thermal power plants
- Automation system for raw water treatment in thermal power plants
- Demineralized water treatment system for thermal power plants
- Automation system for wastewater treatment in thermal power plants
- Control system burned dry asphalt mixing plant
- low voltage soft start
- Medium soft start
- Automatic control system to supply coal in thermal power plants
- Automatic control system for ash discharge system

2. Some electrical installation accessories

Relay socket: Electromagnetic relays have main components as magnetic circuits, coils, contacts, casing. Magnetic circuits are made of ferromagnetic material consisting of two main parts, the text situation and the active part is U-shaped steel plate. The connecting part is mechanically connected to the additive.

The basic difference between the electromagnetic relays and the contactor is that the electromagnetic relays have only one control contact type that can be either normally closed or normally open, without an arc extruded box and without a compression furnace. Use the compression bar for compression.

Classification electromagnetic relays:

+ By suction coil: 1-way drawer and coil suction
+ According to the current through the contact: one-way relays, alternating relays
+ By the number of contacts: 2 pairs of contacts, 3 pairs of contacts ...
+ By structure: round legs, flat legs
+ According to relays: round, square base.

Relay sockets are available in a variety of types for different types of instruments such as:

Chint relays CZS08X-E; Chint relays CZY08B-01; Sungho SHTS-1 8-pin Round-Mount Relay; Sungho SHRS-11P 11-pin Round Shaft Relay; Plug for Timer and Relay Omron PYF08A-E; The Sungho SHTS-2 ... 8-foot, 8-way, 8-way, 8-way,
- Link cord
- Busbar
- wire rope trough
- PVC wire cage
- Number of wire
- Thut wire
- Adhesive tape
- Twisted wire
- Core

Some common hand tools for the installation of industrial electrical cabinets.
1. Strip pliers dedicated
2. wire cutting pliers
3. Clickers
4. Marked
5. Professional plastic cutting knife
6. Pipe cutting pliers
7. Metal tube cutting tools